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제목 Accounting Making-Up and Corporate Governance ('AMCG') + LOM (Law of Minimum) 등록일 2018.05.31 21:57
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Fides created the combined Credit Solution to check financial weakness signal by using 'AMCG' +'LOM'


 - Detect the intention of manipulating financial statements (window-dressing check)

  •  - Check list with 42 indicators by company size
     - Evaluation: Normal/Watch/Alert
     - Expert judgment model
     - Primary signal

And Fides added 'LOM' to understand which part in financial statement shows weakness which may trigger credit event under economic(external) shock.

The weakest link is broken first when there is an external shock (X-Event)

 -  7 indicators
 - Evaluation: Green/Amber/Red
 - Statistical model (secondary indicator)
 - Complementary signal (a sort of watch item)

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